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New Years Day 2014

Yep, Still here.

Realized that I truly required new hardware for this project. Ran straight into UEFI which slowed halted my progress as I studied this new (especially, to me) bundle of joy software. Will provide more timely updates on thoughts and progress in the near future.

14 Feb 2013:

    Slight delay in posting the new GLIS project website. I had planned a more polished production but it was becoming a grand effort thus, I turned to a more minimalistic design.

I will take this opportunity to discuss my basic thoughts on the future direction for GLIS. Details for this year (2013) can be found in the "Roadmap" page for expected releases. In short, I will correct the existing code base so it works again to its original level. Following this, I will add several levels of logging, add auto configuration file creation and implement an initial 'Make' process.

Regarding the last item, standard convention for building and installing most open source software follows a pattern similar to:

   cd /src_directory
   Download tarball_01.gz
   Extract tarball_01.tar
   cd tarball_01

   ==> Enjoy new tarball_01 program.

I plan to make GLIS follow this pattern in future releases.





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