GLIS - Gentoo Linux Installation Script


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General information on changes by version and timeframe.


Staging Name Target Version Target Date Status
Original team 0.1 Oct 2003 Initial release
Original team 0.2 Jan 2004 Not finished
- - - -
Bluemont 0.3 Spring 2013 Coding
Homestead 0.4 Summer 2013 Planning
Scotland 0.5 Fall 2013 Concept
Round Hill 0.6 Christmas 2013 Concept
- - - -



    Since the previous two versions used '0.1' & '0.2', I will start my count with 0.3. With this release, I plan to simply bring the 0.1 code base to a usable state. As Gentoo (and Linux) have changed over the years, GLIS needs to catch-up. Unless associated with a fix, I do not plan to added any functional change to the previous 0.1 version.


    My first feature will add several levels of logging to GLIS. As a former(??) coder, I realize the importance of seeing into the progress of the code. At one point, I had thought to include this in Bluemont but, I felt it best to focus and limit scope. Walking before running.

Current thinking will create three or four logging levels, perhaps:


    One of the first tasks on using GLIS is to create the configuration file. The complexity of building Gentoo requires a GLIS configuration of similar proportion. The existing process is a fully manual endeavor tailoring a default skeleton file prior to running GLIS. While true that a large number of open source applications require manual 'tweaking' before a build, I would like to have an automated skeleton constructed. I don't plan to exclude manual intervention rather, I plan to a have 'base' configuration auto generated which values can be accepted or changed.

Also, and more to my personal usage of GLIS, each configration will be saved so that the host can be rebuild to the same state as the original. Eventually I envision a tool using the confiuration file to "build this host like that host" as appropriate and possible.

"Round Hill"

    As I noted in comments on the home page, I plan to use 'make' as the front-end for this project. By this time, I expect to have an initial framework in place for general availablity.

"Out There"

    An improved set of web pages.